Software testing is a necessary activity within IT world nowadays. Your entire cherished marketing strategy and revenue rely on the application you are willing to distribute. However, with the vast amount of solutions in the market quality is a curtail part of your application. To tell you more - 4 out of 5 adult users will not be launching an application after the second crush. After all, both time and effort required for downloading any other solution from the market don’t take much longer than several minutes.

There are also security matters. Corrupt and untested software leaves you defenseless to targeted hack-attacks opening your business and your customers to new threats of entirely different levels. However proper investments in quality assurance may rid you of many difficulties and potential pitfalls your business may be damaged with if QA and testing are neglected.

Various businesses tend to believe software testing is an expensive addition to the development process however QA has proven to be an investment with long-term revenue. Proper QA decreases maintenance costs and reduces the necessity in developing new patches and fixes as well as it adds extra value and customer trust to your application and if you are creating a solution for internal use you reduce risks of informational and financial losses as well.

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  • A nearshore team of experts whose mindsets and expectation of possible solutions provided to end-users are as close to reality as things get.
  • Access to premium tools, interfaces, environments and expertise in combination with talent. Everything is already set up and ready to test your app.
  • Flexible project management system which allows you to focus on things which really matter.
  • Our team has been in the market since 2001, gaining a vast sack of experience and expertise that will be dedicated to serving your business needs and requirement.