Development services

QArea can instantly provide you with ultimate software testing and QA services to ensure flawless performance of your product. We have been delivering both White as well as Black box testing for considerably more than a decade now in this industry. This fact allows our skilled, trained and fully equipped professionals to deliver premium quality software testing and Quality Assurance services in a scalable, traceable and cost-effective manner. Functional, performance, security testing plus test automation and more are the processes designed to ensure your business receives a product of remarkable quality.

We know how to effectively test software and more importantly our experts are keen with collaboration and are capable of appropriate result delivery via specially tailored communication protocols. Minimize the risk of ending up with a solution of poor or compromised quality and reduce product support cost at the same time by working with QArea.

In fact, QArea is considered as one of world’s top 10 software testing and QA companies, according to Clutch, a Washington-based research company.


Manual Testing

There are always places in software no machine will reach, nor will automation potential be able to match a trained eye of a skilled professional. Fortunately QArea is proud to possess a strong team of manual testers that are capable to undertake any challenge you throw at them.

Automated Testing

Speed boost your QA procedures, simplify maintenance and reduce testing costs with our automated software testing services that are tailored precisely to add more value to QA processes and are proven effective due smart use of latest trends, practices and technologies.



  • Development time is reduced

    Sophisticated and properly managed Test Automation allows to significantly cut time required for necessary QA procedures and hence reduces required investments as well.

  • Uncompromised user experience

    Performance Testing allows making sure that your users will be delivered with solutions of finest quality regardless of possible loads.

  • Business requirements are 100% met

    Our Functional Testing efforts are aimed at ensuring not even the slightest of your requirements is missed throughout the app thus testing with us dramatically improves business value of your solution.