Development services

Despite ever-growing demand of mobile and web applications, nothing may yet compare to flexibility, functionality, simplicity of use and astonishing graphics desktop solutions possess. We, at QArea, have had far more than a decade of custom desktop development experience and fully understand what a great, scalable, top-performance solution may achieve in terms of both additional business value and ROI.

We develop all kinds of desktop applications for all platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. that work in both on and off-line mods, possess brilliant levels of design, UI and UX and all possible cutting-edge functionality one may expect from a custom desktop application. Skilled experts from QArea may provide you with revolutionary levels of services despite possible levels of project complexity. Efficient solutions tailored to fit your precise business needs in all industries from medicine to entertainment will be delivered with respect to cost-efficiency, time-to-market and the highest level of scalability.


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  • We deliver top-notch, high speed application that possesses enormous processing power.
  • Functionality that by far surpasses everything web and mobile can only dream of.
  • Both on and off-line operation solutions, meaning client-server interfaces are optional.
  • Highest levels of stability and security only desktop apps combined with our experts may offer.
  • Custom applications, developed entirely to satisfy your business needs and other objectives.
  • Expertise in desktop development that allows supporting you throughout the process, and clear guidance on most effective decisions.